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AGM Plumbing & Heating Price List

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Monday - Friday (08:00 - 17:00)

Call out charge (1st hour) £95.00 + VAT

Labour charge (per hour thereafter) £65.00 + VAT

Double handed call out (1st hour) £140.00 + VAT

Double handed labour (per hour thereafter) £130.00 + VAT

1 day single handed £450.00 + VAT

1 day double handed £900.00 + VAT

Safety Certifications

First gas appliance £95.00 + VAT

Additional gas appliances £70.00 + VAT

Back boiler £160.00 + VAT

Unvented cylinder £95.00 + VAT

(cooker or hobs will have a free visual)

Emergency : Friday (from 17:00) & Saturday

Call out/ labour charge per hour £150.00 + VAT

Emergency : Sunday & Bank Holidays

Call out/ labour charge per hour £220.00 + VAT

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Areas We Cover

We provide gas and central heating services to homes and businesses across the following areas: