Hot Water Solutions

Why do I need a Heating & Hot Water Installer?

Modern heating systems are complex. It’s absolutely essential that you only have repair work, installation and servicing carried out by a qualified and accredited engineer. They will be able to complete the work properly and safely.

Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are used to store water, as well as being used in mains-pressure and gravity-based heating systems. You’ll come across two types of cylinder, these being either indirect hot water cylinders or direct hot water cylinders. The water in a direct hot water cylinder would be heated using immersion heaters within the cylinder itself, some having more than one to improve performance. An indirect hot water cylinder is reliant on external appliances such as a boiler to generate hot water. You will find some indirect cylinders also have an immersion heater installed for additional heat.
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Multipoint Water Heaters

This appliance heats domestic hot water instantaneously. Multipoint water heaters allow you to connect the water heater to a number of outlets around your home. They are simple, reliable and more effective than instantaneous electric water heaters.

Over/ Under the Sink
Water Heaters

Over and under sink water heaters provide hot water, without having to install a separate hot water unit. Ideal for smaller washrooms, they provide small amounts of hot water to complete daily tasks such as washing up and washing your hands.
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